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A Foundation For Giving

The Blairstown Museum's Board of Trustees is comprised of Rotarians and a decorated Vietnam War Veteran. Throughout their lives they have exhibited charitable service and selfless sacrifice to our community, country and world.

One of our favorite quotes is by Marjorie Moore. She said, "You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in." With that in mind, we try to live a life of Service Above Self, and those deeply held beliefs are woven into the fabric and embedded into the foundation of the Blairstown Museum.

Unity In Community

Our history continually reveals the courage, strength and indefatigability of individuals and organizations united in the cause to preserve, protect and serve residents throughout the greater Blairstown area.

While John Insley Blair did not invent service to others, he did live an inspiring life of philanthropy. It is said, when Rockefeller and Carnegie began to give money away, they were simply following John Insley Blair's lead.

Following in Mr. Blair's footsteps, the Blairstown Museum has supported American Legion Post 258 Givens-Belet, BES Paws to the Pavement, Blair Woman's Club, Blairstown Rotary Club, Charity Dunk Tanks, Foodshed Alliance, Free Community Events, Greater Blairstown Business Association, Local Food Pantry Guests, Warm Hearts Warm Lives 4H Club and many others.

Warm Hearts Warm Lives 4H Club

In the 4-H club program, youth learn alongside other youth that share the same interest. All club members participate in county events such as public presentations and the Warren County Farmers' Fair.

The Warm Hearts Warm Lives 4H Club is led by Beth McGatha and Maya Stamper. Their club's main focus is community service and making the world a better place, one heart at a time. The Warm Hearts Warm Lives 4H Club is comprised of 17 members, age 7-years to 11-years.

The Blairstown Museum is a dedicated Donation Center and Drop Off Place for Beth and Maya's Warm Hearts Warm Lives 4H Club. 

Current Community Projects

Farm Animal Toy Drive

Spin The Wheel, Save A Horse

Our friends at the Warm Hearts Warm Lives 4H Club are already preparing for their exhibition at the 2018 Warren County Farmers' Fair -- and we are ready to help. Ever wanted to help a worthy cause and rid your home of those small plastic animals no one plays with anymore? Well, now you can.

Acceptable donations include plastic animal toys, such as dogs, cats, horses and farm animals. The items will be used as prize giveaways for the club's Spin The Wheel game to support Mylestone Equine Rescue.

Mylestone Equine Rescue is the oldest all-breed horse rescue in New Jersey. They are dedicated to rescuing as many horses as possible and educating the public about the need for equine rescue today.

Last year, our food drive was a tremendous success! The Blairstown Museum helped to provide over twenty local families with a turkey and ingredients for a Thanksgiving dinner. As of January, we will begin collecting non-perishable food items every month to benefit members of our community in need.

Requested items include: fresh fruit and vegetables; dry pasta and pasta sauce; cereal and oatmeal; tuna fish and peanut butter; rice-a-roni and hamburger helper; and tea and coffee.

If you wish to make a financial contribution, please make the check payable to "Blairstown Museum" and write "Food Drive" in the memo section. Gift certificates and gift cards are also accepted.

Love Thy Neighbor

Charcuterie & Charity

Since January 1, 2016 the Blairstown Museum has partnered with individuals and local businesses to promote 'Love Thy Neighbor' collection events. These charitable gatherings generate large donations of bath products, clothing, costume jewelry, perfume, and other items.

These gatherings offer charcuterie platters and information on the event's partners. Attendees may bring their own beer, wine or non-alcoholic beverage. Donations are dispersed to Food Pantry Guests.

The next Love Thy Neighbor event, co-sponsored with Jacquie Jenkins with Rodan Fields and Jennifer Unick with Origami Owl, will take place at the Blairstown Museum on Friday May 18, 2018 6pm – 9pm.

Blairstown Area Food Pantry Schedule

1st Saturday of The Month : 9:30am - 11:30am

First United Methodist Church
10 Stillwater Road Blairstown, NJ 07825
Contact: Claire Smith Ι Phone: 908-362-6693

2nd Saturday of The Month : 9:30am - 11:30am

Evangelical Free Church Of Blairstown
10 Lambert Road Blairstown, NJ 07825
Contact: Jill Ultima Ι Phone: 908-362-8979

3rd Saturday of The Month : 9:30am - 11:30am

First Presbyterian Church Of Blairstown
35 Main Street Blairstown, NJ 07825
Contact: Erika Wulster Ι Phone: 908-362-5769

4th Saturday of The Month : 9:00am - 11:00am

St. Jude's Catholic Church
7 Eisenhower Road Blairstown, NJ 07825
Contact: Virginia Dolberg Ι Phone: 908-362-6444

4th and 5th Saturday of The Month : 10:00am - 12:00pm

Knowlton Methodist Church
509 Route 94 Columbia, NJ 07832
Contact: Not Provided Ι Phone: 908-496-4313

1st Three Mondays of The Month : 9:00am - 12:00pm

St. John's Methodist Church
354 High Street Hope, NJ 07844
Contact: Not Provided Ι Phone: 908-459-5759