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The Blairstown Museum's exhibits are more than just a display of artifacts – the pieces housed within our walls convey the story of the Blairstown experience. Both diverse and unique, they prompt us to think critically and challenge our conceptions of the Greater Blairstown Area and the people who lived here.

Our permanent and rotating exhibits serve great purpose in the community. Carefully researched and impeccably presented, our themed exhibitions provide some of the best opportunities to connect with our history.

Here is what you'll see at The Blairstown Museum right now:

Railroad King of the West

From a poor boy from Foul Rift, New Jersey to the one of the 19th-Century's most wealthiest men, John Insley Blair had an insatiable appetite for success. The pride he had in his involvement of the 'Meeting at Promontory Point' is reflected in the Golden Spike he wore as a watch fab. Join us between August 1, 2017 and September 30, 2017 to learn why he was famously known as the Railroad King of the West. To celebrate John Insley Blair's birthday on August 22nd, every child that visits the museum during the "Railroad King of the West" exhibit will receive one (1) free wooden railroad whistle.

We wish to thank 4Track Engineering for their contribution to this exhibit.

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We rotate our carefully planned exhibits every two-months in order to provide you with fresh historic content.


Every historic exhibit case has its own digital display and our Lounge Area has Digital Books for your enjoyment.


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