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Events : Founders Day

Founders Day

Simple Beginnings

When the Iurato family moved to Blairstown, they were surprised to find that the township did not have a museum honoring its founders. There wasn't a central place where new residents and others could learn about the people and businesses that shaped the town's past and how to be good stewards of the historic village and rural beauty that they left in their care.

The family's intention for the property at 26 Main Street was to rent the first floor space to a business that would complement the historic district's businesses, add to the tourism appeal and increase the overall foot traffic of the area. They were overwhelmed by the amount of people that enthusiastically suggested they establish a museum.

Following eighteen-months of renovations, artifact collecting, historic research, and networking with some of the most brilliant historians in the area, the Blairstown Museum opened to rave reviews. Nearly 600-people attended the Grand Opening on October 1, 2016. Today, people from all over the region incorporate the museum into their Northwest New Jersey travels.

Embraced By Grace

On July 1, 2015 we announced our plans to establish the Blairstown Museum. From that day forward we have encountered a loving community that has embraced our mission, as if it were their own... and in many ways it is. While we may like to think historic artifacts and structures are ours forever, they are not. We are but mere temporary caretakers in their long and complex lives. Our duty is to do our best to care for them while they are in our possession, so that those who come next will love and care for them as much as we do.

Preservation means preserving it for others, not ourselves. With that in mind, we do our part to research, learn and teach the area's rich, vibrant and colorful history; document new events and happenings as they occur; share memories and pass on stories to the next generation; and preserve artifacts and display them in a professional and thought provoking manner. These are challenging tasks, but ones which we enjoy and we thank you wholeheartedly for helping.