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We Have You Covered

Now that most cell phones can access the internet, you might think that you can quit worrying about public wifi while visiting Blairstown's Historic District. However, that is not necessarily true. Internet coverage throughout Blairstown is spotty at best and the unfortunate reality is that in many areas it is completely inaccessible.

Surveys show that nearly 80 percent of all small businesses consider WiFi to be "important" or "very important". While reliable WiFi is important from a business operations perspective, the more important factor is the relevance wireless connectivity has in the lives of their customers.

The same theory applies to guests of Blairstown's Historic District and particularly those who visit the Blairstown Museum. They yearn to check-in, network and share their experiences with their friends all from the convenience of their mobile device while viewing our latest acclaimed exhibitions or while enjoying one of our inspiring educational programs, community workshops, or outreach programs.

Please, Be Our Guest

We offer free wireless access throughout our properties. While visiting Blairstown's Historic District your mobile device should automatically connect to our free wifi network. If it does not, you are welcome to switch to our always reliable, always free wifi network (Blairstown Museum Guest) for faster download speeds.

In addition to enjoying free uninterrupted WiFi Access during your visit, as a museum guest you may also utilize the free mobile device charging station located in our Lounge Area.

This is just another way for us to make your time here more enjoyable. After all, this is a community museum.. your museum.

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Main Street's cutest spot to enjoy a cup of coffee, read a magazine and charge your mobile device for free.


Access to 5,000+ newspapers from the 1700s–2000s and a property database means we can help with your research.


We rotate our carefully planned exhibits every two-months in order to provide you with fresh historic content.


Every historic exhibit case has its own digital display and our Lounge Area has Digital Books for your enjoyment.


Support our efforts by purchasing items, many of which are supplied by local artists, crafters and farmers.


Providing visitors with free WiFi is another way to keep you connected to our growing online community.