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Events : Friday the 13th Celebration

Friday the 13th Celebration

He's baaaaaack...

In Blairstown, New Jersey, Friday the 13th is a local holiday dedicated to celebrating Blairstown's second favorite son -- Jason Voorhees!

At the Blairstown Museum, we have worked hard to provide movie fans with an amazing experience on Friday July 13th, which includes a movie exhibit; trolly tours to authentic movie locations; a Slash and Shop Marketplace featuring movie inspired merchandise by local artists and crafters; a free Crystal Lake Photo Booth and much, much more.

Be sure to look around, you never know where the real life Jason is lurking...

Celebration Details & Information

Friday the 13th

Did you know that Blairstown's Historic District is featured in the 1980 horror film Friday the 13th? It's true! Join us every Friday the 13th as we celebrate Blairstown's second favorite son, Jason Voorhees.

Take photos in front of iconic movie locations such as the Blairstown Museum building; enjoy exhibits which include autographed memorabilia, Tom Savini's "Jason" reproduction, and the original DINER letters. Plus take advantage of a 13% slashing discount on every souvenir shop purchase!

Museum Admission

Admission to the Blairstown Museum is always free -- even on Friday the 13th! While we pack a lot of punch into our small space, the fact is that it is a relatively small space. On Friday the 13th, there may be a waiting period before entering the museum. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Get ready to get your Ki Ki Ki Ki... Ma Ma Ma Ma... on!

Slash and Shop Marketplace

Public Parking

For your convenience, Friday the 13th visitor parking will be located at the township field, located directly behind the Blairstown Diner and Alpine Meats & Deli. When entering Blairstown, please follow the signs to access the parking lot, which will be managed by the North Warren Regional Marching Band Parents Association. There will be a small $5, cash only, fee per vehicle.

In addition to being the New Jersey and National Group 3A 2013 Champions, the NWR Marching Band is a really dedicated and hardworking group of kids. 100% of your parking fee will go directly towards the NWR Marching Band and will help the kids fund their trip to Disney. Please be extra generous as you are entering and exiting the parking lot and show them some Friday the 13th love!

Blairstown's Historic District is relatively small, so the burden of walking from this lot to the Blairstown Museum, Roy's Hall, and your favorite eateries and shops will not be a problem. Please follow the signs from the parking lot to the township approved crosswalk, and be safe when crossing Route 94.

Other Happenings

Our Friday July 13, 2018 celebration will include the following:

13% Souvenir Shop Discount [ 9am - 10pm ]
On Friday the 13th our souvenir shop will be packed with licensed and movie inspired merchandise - from t-shirts to cookie cutters, ice cube trays to books, and even wood carvings. To reward Friday the 13th fans for their loyalty, we offer a 13% slashing discount on every souvenir shop purchase that day, except for commemorative medals.

Crystal Lake Photo Booth [ 9am - 10pm ]
Blairstown Museum volunteers will be on hand across the street at our annex building, located at 27 Main Street Blairstown, to help fans enjoy our Crystal Lake Photo Booth. This is always a fan favorite! We will have different Jason Voorhees actors throughout the day to pose with fans. Admission is free. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Friday the 13th Cornhole Lawn Games [ 9am - 10pm ]
Located across the street at our annex building, 27 Main Street Blairstown, our Friday the 13th Cornhole Game is best played with two teams. Each team can have up to 4 players, and each player takes turns tossing a corn-filled bag into a hole on the raised wooden platforms. When a bag lands in the hole, the team scores three points. A bag that lands on the platform scores one point. Players continue the game until one team reaches 21 points. Admission is free. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Slash and Shop Marketplace [ 11am - 7pm ]
Browse and shop for unique and one-of-a-kind movie inspired items from: Home Blossoms (Pillows); Jenny Bakes 4 U (Gingerbread Cookies).

Friday the 13th Inspired Face Paintings [ 11am - 7pm ]
Zella Bella will take a dark turn and provide movie inspired machete wounds and face paintings. The wounds are made from Elmer's Glue, as to avoid latex allergies. The blood gel and paste will wash off with a little soap and water. Artist Beth Sager will be located in front of the Slash and Shop from 11am - 7pm. Face paintings are $3, $5 and $10. Machete wounds are $10.

Townwide Specials

4 TRACK Bike - Hike - Hobby: 17 Main Street Blairstown NJ 07825
Collectible 4-Track Friday the 13th themed t-shirts, only $20 each. Free Blairstown Museum map to authentic movie locations with every bicycle rental. Plus, all rentals will be entered to win a FREE 4-Track Friday the 13th themed t-shirt, only $20 each.

Barber on Main: 15 Main Street Blairstown NJ 07825
Slasher Special $13 mens and kids walk-in haircuts.

Blairstown Diner: 53 NJ-94 Blairstown NJ 07825
Collectible Blairstown Diner Friday the 13th themed t-shirts, only $20 each.

Blairstown Inn: 70 NJ-94 Blairstown NJ 07825
Lunch, dinner, plus 25 beers on tap. Blairstown Resident "Jason Voorhees" eats here.

Buck Hill Brewery: 45 NJ-94 Blairstown NJ 07825
Release of Watermelon SMASH Brew, and showcasing Cloudy with a Chance of Hops in collaboration with Cracked Mask Brewing Company.

Buzzwerks / Salon Beautiful: 64 NJ-94 Blairstown NJ 07825
Receive a 13% discount on any walk-in haircut, plus stay hydrated with $1 cold bottles of water.

New Jersey State Parks, Forests & Historic Sites: Hiking, History & Horrors !! SOLD OUT !!
The 2-mile hike / walk will take you from the old Cedar Lake Horse Farm and Paulinskill Valley Trail into Blairstown's Historic District, and will include a visit to the famous Blairstown Diner, Blairstown Museum, and historic tour of the town. There will be time for lunch (pre-ordered from Gourmet Gallery) before heading back. The $10 fee per person will benefit New Jersey State Parks.

Roy's Hall: 30 Main Street Blairstown NJ 07825
Friday the 13th (Original) movie screenings. Purchase Tickets.

Sam Rose Salon: 55 NJ-94 Blairstown NJ 07825 (next to the Blairstown Diner)
Shop from several indoor and outdoor vendors 11am-6pm. Plus, get your hair washed by Jason Voorhees for only $20.

The Post Time Pub: 25 Main Street Blairstown NJ 07825
Home of the Crystal Lake Martini & Kevin Bacon Burger.

The White Raven: 17 Main Street Blairstown NJ 07825
Make your own Blood Bath salts, Bug Off Jason sprays, Back from the Dead and Rest In Peace aromatherapy inhalers, plus other themed products. Stop in to enjoy massage therapy by Eileen, Tarot readings by Dina and enter a raffle for a prize.

Here Comes The... Slasher?

The Blairstown Museum is here to ensure that your new beginning, final chapter or reboot ceremony is as traditional or non-traditional as you wish. Appropriate for any Wedding, Vow Renewal or Commitment Ceremony, we currently offer three Slash & Cherish Ceremony Packages to choose from, as well as an Á La Slash menu for additional services. Make your Friday the 13th Ceremony even more special with a candlelight evening service.

Let us help you plan your fabulously thrilling Wedding, Vow Renewal or Commitment Ceremony right here in Blairstown, New Jersey on Friday the 13th! Learn more and book your special event today: Slash & Cherish Ceremony Packages