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Looking Backwards, Forwards

Every person, place and thing has a story to tell - and in that respect, Blairstown is no different. We are grateful for the opportunity to interpret their stories. However, for many people, viewing artifacts can be "boring". Quite often we find ourselves staring at our phone while exploring museums, frantically Googling topics to try and learn more about what we're looking at.

It has been our experience, that the little plaques to the side of an exhibit never give enough information to truly explain what we're seeing and we wish there was something to help educate us further. At the Blairstown Museum, we strive to create interesting and informative learning environments that empower guests to discover these stories in an exciting manner.

Maximizing Our Space, Your Experience

It's no secret that our exhibit space is small - small enough that if you blink you may miss it. Okay, perhaps it isn't THAT small, but you understand our point. To make the most of our space and your experience, we kicked it up a knotch by implementing a few digital features.

Framing the gallery space are three high-definition media monitors designed to enhance a visitor's experience. They compliment the current exhibit with vibrant artifact photos and maps, audio and video clips, and even profiles of past and current individuals. Our digital team designs each presentation to offer seamless, automatic transitioning ideal for reading.

Comfortable seating, a warm cup of coffee or tea and a view of Main Street creates the perfect space for our guests to enjoy one of our Historic Digital Books. Continually updated, they offer guests the opportunity to view historic postcards, literature, photographs, yearbooks and even profiles of many beloved and celebrated individuals.

You may contact us for consideration to include your historic photographs in our collection.

Let's Get Digital

High Definition Video Presentations

Informative Historic Digital Books