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From experiencing the greater Blairstown area's history to sharing in our future growth, we want you to be part of the Blairstown Museum. There are several ways to aid the organization's efforts to develop and maintain exhibits, fundraisers, programs, properties and tours.

Maximize Your Impact

Once the decision has been made to give back in a substantive way, the next question for many becomes what is the best way to do so? Most of our candidates feel as we do: there is no better return on your nonprofit time investment than through board service. The impact our candidates have with two to three hours of board service a month is dramatically higher than what they could accomplish with two or three hours of direct volunteer service.

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Board members are legally required to fulfill their fiduciary duties, which will require them to devote a considerable amount of time to the organization. The amount of time varies greatly by committee, but simply planning to attend meetings is not sufficient. Members must be willing to fulfill their responsibilities, within specific time frames. Often, members may need to prepare for and attend committee meetings in addition to board meetings.

Collections Management Committee [ NO VACANCY ]

The Collections Management Committee is responsible for reviewing potential acquisitions and deaccessions, proper care and documentation of accessioned items, and regular assessment of preservation and conservation needs. The committee may also recommend suggestions for future exhibits to the President. Proper procedures shall be followed for removal and return of exhibit items, such that the location of each item is known at all times. Members of the Collections Management Committee must adhere to Blairstown Museum's Collections Management Policy, employing standards established by the American Alliance of Museums for the storage, care and exhibit of artifacts in its custody.

Friday The 13th Committee [ NO VACANCY ]

The Friday the 13th Committee is responsible for organizing and managing a successful Friday the 13th exhibit for the museum and experience for our guests, including: Goals / desired outcomes; Creating and agreeing on a comprehensive funding plan; Determining how to solicit / raise additional funds, if needed; Setting ticket cost and processes; Being available at all times during the day on Friday the 13th; Participating during the museum's hours of operation; and Friday the 13th evaluation and follow up. The committee may also recommend suggestions for future activities to the President.

Landscaping Committee

The Landscape Committee plays an active role in how the organization presents itself to the outside world by ensuring the beauty of the Blairstown Museum's landscapes during all seasons. Responsibilities may include: (1) Survey the trees and shrubs and develop maintenance recommendations for their trimming, health and growth; (2) Develop recommendations to rehabilitate or replace certain trees, shrubs and flowers; (3) Develop short and long term plans to improve specific areas, including entries; (4) Create specifications for individuals and contractors that will work on the landscaping; and (5) Coordinate and participate in "Helen Hall Day".

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