Cemetery Tours

Cemetery Tours

Portraits of Stone ™

Join us for a one-hour exploration of the Blairstown Historic District’s oldest existing cemetery. Established in the mid-18th Century, the Blairstown Cemetery sits quietly above the hustle and bustle of Main Street. To many visitors, the Cemetery remains hidden in plain site and many lifelong residents are unaware of its existence.

In 2017, the Blairstown Museum’s Board of Directors President became a Board Member of the Blairstown Cemetery. Since then, the Blairstown Museum has endeavored to restore many of the damaged tombstones and share the stories of their owners, which long to be told.

The Blairstown Cemetery is no longer an active burial site and is not accessible to the general public. The Blairstown Museum provides approved guided tours. Our “Portraits of Stone ™” Cemetery Tour offers a glimpse into the evolution of burial practices in our area and highlights the lives of five individuals, as we walk through a labyrinth of tombs from the past.

This majestic cemetery is the final resting place of John Insley Blair and members of the Vail Family. Portraits of Stone ™ is available as both a day or night time tour. Battery powered lanterns are provided for tours scheduled after dusk. Guests are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and apparel. 

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Our next Portraits of Stone ™ Cemetery Tour is 7:30 P.M. on Wednesday, October 23, 2019.