Friday The 13th Weddings

Friday the 13th Weddings

Here Comes The… Slasher

Friggatriskaidekaphobics are people who fear Friday the 13th. Some of them refuse to leave their homes on that day. Shockingly, nearly 8% of people in the United States suffer from this phobia. However, brave and daring Friday the 13th movie fans know that this is the best day or night to have a Wedding, Vow Renewal or Commitment Ceremony.

As a Friday the 13th Fan, you also know that it doesn’t get any more nostalgic than being on Main Street in Blairstown, New Jersey on Friday the 13th. It’s your day — have Blairstown’s Resident Jason Voorhees attend your ceremony, be your Honor Attendant, or accompany you down the aisle.

The Blairstown Museum is the ORIGINAL host of Friday the 13th weddings in Blairstown, NJ. We are here to ensure that your new beginning, final chapter or reboot ceremony will be a day you will always cherish. For your convenience, our ceremonies are provided year-round – not just on Friday the 13th!

Slash & Cherish Ceremony
Happily Ever Slasher $399

The Blairstown Museum is an all-volunteer, IRS Certified 501(C)(3) non-profit charitable organization. $250 of your ceremony fee is considered a tax-deductible donation. Win/Win, Slash/Slash!

» 💐 Seasonal Fresh Floral Bouquet
» 🍃 Seasonal Fresh Boutonniere
» ☀️ Beautiful Blair Falls Locale (Next to Old Mill)
» ✨ Movie-Themed White, Black, & Red Decorations
» 🔪 Resident Jason Voorhees (Choice: Guest, Honor Attendant, or Wedding Escort)
» 🔔 Licensed Ceremony Officiant
» 👏 Ceremony Witness
» 🎵 Entrance Music
» ❤️ Crystal Lake Sand Ceremony
» 📷 Digital Ceremony Photos
» 📹 Live Facebook Video of Ceremony
» 🎁 Resident Jason Voorhees Autographed Chainsaw
» 🚗 Voorhees Victory Drive
» 🖼️ Personalized Ceremony Certificate
» 🛍️ Movie-Themed Gift Bag
» 📖 Wedding & Event Services Brochure

A non-refundable $149 deposit is required at the time of reservation. The $250 balance will be due 60-days prior to the ceremony. If the ceremony is cancelled within 14-days of the scheduled date, the total amount will be non-refundable. A ceremony is limited to 25 guests. Couples must obtain a New Jersey Marriage License (a license is not required for Vow Renewal or Commitment Ceremony).

When Friday the 13th appears on the calendar, the town comes together to celebrate Blairstown’s second favorite son – Jason Voorhees! On this day, the Blairstown Museum expands its offerings to include trolley tours to authentic movie locations; actor meet & greet opportunities and much more! » View Friday the 13th Celebration
Slash The Date!

How to apply for a New Jersey marriage license

State of NJ Department of Health:

Blairstown, Warren County Vital Records Office

Everett Falt, Town Clerk
106 Route 94 Blairstown, NJ 07825
Phone 908-362-6663