The Homestead

Affectionately named “The Homestead”, after John Insley Blair’s beloved home, the Blairstown Museum’s newsletter provides information on our new exhibits, programs, and events. The Blairstown Museum issues four (4) free newsletters annually, with occasional free special editions.

The Homestead Archives

Blairstown Museum volunteers endeavor to issue informative, fun, and interesting quarterly newsletters. Historically, these newsletters have captivated Blairstown Museum supporters and preservation enthusiasts all over the country. As of January 2019, we can definitively say – all over the world, as we now have subscribers from Argentina, Germany, Australia and even from Alert, Canada. Yes, Alert! With a population of 62, it is the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world – and one of its residents actually signed up for The Homestead. How neat is that?

Missed an edition of The Homestead? Fret, not. Below, are links to our 2019 editions.

» Fourth Quarter 2019 : To be released October 1, 2019.

» Special Release : Friday the 13th Weekend Lineup

» Third Quarter 2019 : Jason Fest

» Second Quarter 2019 : Spring Brings Flowers, Hope, And Opportunity

» First Quarter, 2019 : A New Year Brings New Announcements

Advertising Opportunities

Every quarter, The Homestead is sent to 2,000 people. On average, our open rate is 88% – that means 1,760 people are opening our newsletter to read its contents. Of that number, 58% – a whopping 1,020 people – click-through to further their interaction with our content. These are incredible numbers and are only expected to grow!

Your business can support the Blairstown Museum’s preservation efforts AND receive valuable advertising by purchasing a “Preservation Partner Spotlight” in our quarterly newsletter. For only $15 per quarter (or for a discounted $50 for all four-quarters), you will have a prominent placing in our newsletter.

As to not burden our recipients with advertisements, we limit Preservation Partner Spotlights to only TWO every quarter. This means, there are only eight opportunities annually to share the benefits of your products and services with our supporters.

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