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Home Sweet History ™

Knock, knock. Who’s there? History.

The previous owners of your home were real people with occupations and accomplishments. They may have served their community or were perhaps known as colorful characters. Obtaining the history of your home not only provides you with an exciting trip into the past, but it can tell you how the house was built or its original purpose.

The Blairstown Museum has access to over 11,000 newspapers, some dating to the early 1700s; census, voting, military, and immigration records; over 65,000,000 passenger records; birth, marriage, and death certificates; wills, probates, court documents, and criminal records; and land deeds, liens, and mortgages. The Library of Congress offers us access to an additional 167,000,000 items; such as books, maps, photographs, and recordings.

As of today, our artifact collection has surpassed 5,000 items. In our office, we are blessed to have three-dozen preserved history books; such as Farmer Directories from the 1800s, History of Warren & Sussex Counties from 1881, and History & Directory of Warren County from 1929 – and they are utilized quite frequently. 

A “Home Sweet History™” report from the Blairstown Museum begins at only $49 per property.

Home Sweet History
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