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Trolley Tours

Friday the 13th Trolley Tour

Expert guides will take thirteen (un)lucky souls to authentic Friday the 13th movie locations throughout Blairstown, Hope and Hardwick on this exclusive and informative Friday the 13th Trolley Tour. The tour includes several stops, two brief walking tours, and thirteen group photos. Bottled water and snacks provided. Please wear comfortable shoes, and apparel.

Want to add more sightseeing in Blairstown? Upgrade your tour for free to include the Blairstown Museum and enjoy our incredible Friday the 13th exhibit and souvenir shop by simply showing your Friday the 13th Trolley Tour Access Pass at the door.

Be sure to look around, you never know where the real life Jason is lurking…

We do not have any Friday the 13th Trolley tours currently scheduled.

Public Notice
The Blairstown Museum’s Friday the 13th Trolley Tour is NOT intended to scare or thrill you. This tour is educational in nature and designed to provide movie fans with information regarding the making of the movie while visiting several original movie locations. Guests are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and apparel. Each trolley bench seats two individuals. If you would like an entire bench seat to yourself you will need to purchase two tickets. Jason Voorhees sightings are possible, but not guaranteed. Due to the adult nature of the movie, passengers must be 18+ years old. Proof of ID, as well as a signed Release of Liability Form. There will not be a rain date due to inclement weather. Refunds will not be issued.